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2022/05/09 English

Today I worked late. I started reading Sherry Turkle's "Alone Together" with Takkyu Ishino's "KARAOKEJACK". I had sympathy for her attitude that adding the facts to develop her discussion seriously and steadily with a calm mind (this attitude is the same one as "Reclaiming Conversation"). I always enjoy chatting in English on WhatsApp and Discord, but this was just 'virtual' from Turkle's poison of view. This isn't any 'face to face' communication so it should be looked at and treated as lower class communication I guess.

The title 'alone together' is interesting, because I sometimes feel the state of 'alone together' while using my smartphone and personal computer and connecting myself to the outside world. Even if I chat with others or mail to others, I feel lonely... but then solitude is the best solution for digging my own hole and making myself deeper (as Sherry Turkle says)? I think it shouldn't be because once loneliness and boredom bothered me seriously. I won't think that I can survive loneliness. But, indeed, loneliness is one of the important essences in our life. Therefore this theme is profound.

Reading the part about AIBO, I thought about the others. The human being is never a programmed existence (although this is needless to say). Therefore they react randomly if they got some inputs. Once I couldn't understand the randomness of the human being. I couldn't see how they react if I talk to them (all I had learned was that they get angry in the end whatever I talked to them). Therefore I might conclude that the human being makes me tired and books are easier to keep the relationship. Or this might say that I am a too logical or artistic person.

In the afternoon I chatted with a Chinese girl on WeChat. The topic is about what I did on Mother's day, and I talked about the plan to go back to my parents' house. And I talked about "Alone Together" and also about virtual communication. We also talked about autism. She said that "you don't seem to be autistic". My autism doesn't appear if I do communicate with writing words. Therefore my troubles can't be noticed so it's one of the serious troubles. I enjoyed myself and started working in the afternoon, and I finished today.