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2022/04/24 English

It seems that vaccination started working. I checked the temperature of my body and found that it has 36.7. My temperature is basically low so this is high. Therefore I felt bad and wanted to do nothing so I stayed in my bed all day. Of course, I could read nothing. In the afternoon I felt hungry so went out to buy some Calorie mate at a convenience store. Basically, I didn't go out somewhere and stayed at my group home calmly. I had not suffered from side effects with the past two vaccination so I treated it as lightly. So I thought again and decided to wait for the recovery. Yes, this kind of thing can happen in my life.

In the evening, I felt better although I couldn't say that I had got recovered completely. At least, I could go out of my bed. I started Clubhouse and listened only to the talk in the room, which has the topic of English. The topic was "How to speak English fluently". I am afraid to stop talking about anything because of the pressure of "speaking English fluently". The conversation is made by two or more people. Just deliver your thought to others by relying on those others. If you can so, it's enough I guess.

About speaking something fluently, my English is never fluent. My English is really awkward and never smooth. But I try to deliver my thought by words, because if I didn't make my thought by words then I can deliver nothing. Then the other seems to understand my effort and tries to wait for my next word. It seems that I have achieved that attitude of relying on others and also realizing my thought. Of course, in the business scene or speech, we have to think in different ways. But basically, I want to keep on having the attitude of making conversation with others as a collaboration.

In the night, I finished dinner and lay on my bed again. If I got a habit of lying, I can't feel that I want to go out of my bed and do something. With Jazz music, I kept on sleeping. Yes, I can do nothing and it is a loss of time. But life is basically long so this can happen. If vaccination works that I can say that today is not a waste of time, so I decided to recover from this state with a calm mind. I had to wait until the night came to translate my journal into English. Very troublesome. I should think about the fourth vaccination again. I need patience.