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2022/01/05 English

BGM: Sadistic Mika Band "Wishes for Time Machine"

Today was the day of the hospital. But all I did was just being got medicines. Doing payment, I found that I had lost the important paper for doing it. I went to the city office and asked to get a new one again (Yes, very troublesome but I didn't want to do it late this year). I was embarrassed because this came from my autism even if it was just the beginning of the year. I went to libraries and borrowed Yoshikichi Furui's "Days of Soul" and Nobuhiko Kobayashi's "Definite The Japanese Comedians". But now my interest is in the "movie mode" so I couldn't read anything easily. Yes, I can read nothing and it's OK... The day off was spent by them.

I watched Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee and Cigarettes". This movie contains 11 stories about the title. Every story has an interested "twist" in it and therefore it's cool. All the actors play the book with their understanding and acting with caring its tempo and expression of faces. That might be the source of this movie's charm. I have never done smoking and I won't, but I felt that it was cool when I saw the characters doing smoking. The episode of Tom Waits and Iggy Pop was the coolest for me. They are sexy in their existence and also full of energy.

The night I went to the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. I talked about my story of the new year. Once I was a heavy drinker, I spent the end day of the year with alcohol and did eat nothing even if my mother had made it for me... It was about 5 years when I learned the meetings and decided to stop drinking. I learned how to spend my lonely time by keeping on attending them, and it was one of the good things I have learned. Facing loneliness and learning what is me, and the ideas from that facing can be the stories for the meetings. I have done such an activity so learned how to avoid drinking. This year what story will I talk about at the meetings?

After that, I watched Jim Jarmusch's "Ghost Dog". I wanted to read Yoshikichi Furui's book but I couldn't stop watching this movie. Jim Jarmusch had made a unique character who likes to read the book "HAGAKURE", and it is very Jarmusch like because it shows his intelligence. The story which was told with sophisticated hip-hop sound had great taste. I have never watched his movies completely, so I want to watch them more. Watching movies, I can feel that I can open various closed doors. I always get surprised because I can find something flesh from these closed ones. Movies are the way to connect me to the vast world.