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Body answers me

Busy days go on. Today, when I had lunch, I thought about the possibility of myself. I could get another job and join another company as an employee. Or I could keep on studying something at the university. Anyway, I could become somebody else. That possibility... I thought about it.

Once I thought about a parallel universe. In that kind of another world, I could become a happy person. I would be married and had children, get bigger at the company, and die in happiness. That kind of my possibility... I dreamed about this and endured my current work. In other words, I got ill in my mind.

Ah... it's like Phil Collins's song. Of course, I don't think about the parallel universe now. I have to accept this world and this responsibility of being here. But sometimes I think about what I can do in the future. But this could be the same as the parallel world tale because all I do is just to imagine and not to do the activity to realize it.

In other words, I have to do something actually. Whatever I do now makes me and my future. So I read books and write articles in English. I don't have to have great visions for the future. I just have to move my hands and use my head to create the frontier I have never stepped.

I have to move my body actually until it gets warm enough. Then, my warm body answers me for the problems I have. So my body might be smarter than I think. Once I thought of a parallel world because I thought that imagination was the source to create the future. But now, I think that my body has the key to creating the future. The brighter future... I can draw it with my body and mind.