2021/12/02 English

BGM: Keisuke Kuwata "Manga dream"

I read Antonio R. Damasio's book "Looking For Spinoza". TBH I have known about this book for a long time ago. When I had read Kouichiro Kokubun's "Let's talk about life with the teacher of philosophy", Kokubun referred to this book. But I have read it for the first time and got many things. We sometimes feel sadness but, at first, we have feelings of sadness (Damasio uses to describe this by "emotion"). Then we express the change of faces as crying ones, then we have the thought that we are sad. Damasio describes these facts with easy writing. Quite interesting.

In other words, we can change our thoughts by making physical reactions at first. It's not difficult. We can make sadness or joy in ourselves by making sad faces or smiling intentionally... For example, before I start working at my workplace, I have no fights to do my job. But if I start moving my arms and feet, the switch in myself turns on and a certain fight lights my fire. Damasio writes easily and his description about Spinoza, a great philosopher, has quite a greatness to read. But I can't understand Spinoza even if I read that part.

I'm not a logical person. I am always moved by magma in myself or heated something so I do nonsense things or stupid things. For example, getting into clubhouse, watching Yasujiro Ozu's movies, reading Yoshikichi Furui and Yoshio Kataoka... recent reading books about brain and consciousness is also the work of my passion which makes me moving so. I can't see until when this boom will last. One of the characters of autism is a too-scattered mind and moving forward and backward so I might begin quite a different activity when 2022 starts (maybe I will start my farm influenced by "Evangelion: 3.0+1.0").

Ah... what books should I read and spend the new year season? I should read Atsushi Mori "Like the deads" or re-read Syu Fujisawa "Buenos Aires, Midnight"? About my work, I must be busy while this new year season. I have done my work which doesn't have a rest of the new year season... This year, as I do every year, I might carry a few books in my bag (Oh no, why can I read them in this busy season!?) and go to the workplace. I will eat a lunchbox at my workplace... then 2022 will come. When I was young, I thought that celebrating the new year season has no worth as Fraubelt says. But now I find that the tradition of celebrating that is interesting... Maybe I should re-read Fraubelt's "A Sentimental Education" and experience the change of time between 2021 to 2022.