2022/11/23 English

BGM: A Tribe Called Quest "Jazz (We've Got)"

It rained. I watched Wong Kar Wai's "Days of Being Wild" this morning. I had watched Wong Kar Wai's movies but couldn't understand "Chungking Express" so I didn't think that I wanted to watch it positively (but now I guess "Chungking Express" is good). But this "Days of Being Wild" was really interesting. The monologue that some characters do is like Haruki Murakami's literature for me, so I thought that Wong Kar Wai and Haruki's books match easily. I also thought that it has sensitive insight and adventure of B-class movies.

The afternoon came and I watched Shunji Iwai's "Love Letter". It was a love and comedy of the era that word processors were used a lot, therefore they should wait for the internet era. But this movie was not "out of date" so I was impressed. Some details might be mistakes, but it shines as an "evergreen" one. Because it is a well-made one and created with decent care. I want to praise Shunji Iwai again. But is the culture of "pen friends" still alive? I want to write my letter, but to who?

This evening we did the "danshu" meeting on LINE meeting. After that, I watched Michael Epstein's "LENNONYC". But at first who was the person John Lennon? I don't think that he was only a "saint of music". That was a too-rapid understanding. He must be a heavy drinker and just dumb, But he also showed great shining in the field of music and politic. Then this movie might be one which is like the diary of John Lennon, who was a real musician and activist. I would listen to John Lennon's Christmas songs. I can feel that the season is coming.

Is it alright? I am wondering. Today I want to enjoy the movie reviews by Shinji Miyadai and also try to read more books. But I just watched 3 movies today. Recently I got interested in movies again, so sometimes, even if I want to lie and spent time in my bed, I watch movies with thinking "just sit and stay still, then I can gain the power of healing as a day off" and "I just open my eyes and that's OK". Yes, I'm a really poor and serious person. What would I do with watching a lot of movies like this? I think so but I just make chaos in my brain with those movies.