2022/11/01 English

As I wrote before, I carry a memo pad which is sold by Mnemosyne by Maruman in my pants pocket. I write various ideas onto the memo pad in English. Once I had to do the translation my ideas from Japanese to English in my mind. I need such a troublesome process... but now I can think of my ideas in English directly. I can't see the reason why, but this might be the result of my practice every day. But, of course, this is from my steady effort so it can't be done instantly.

This era needs instant results. So steady effort or taking a long time to learn something is often prohibited. But I have to say that I can write my ideas in English as a result of my effort finally. Doing your effort, and loving yourself who is certainly growing up. Sometimes people say that learning languages are decided by talent, exactly talent is important to be concerned about, but I won't say that our effort to learn something doesn't tell a lie us. Learning something steadily causes a lot of learning for us (even if it wouldn't become successful), and lets us grow up.

At lunchtime, I started reading Yu Miri's "Tokyo Ueno Station" in English which we will read together at the meeting at the beginning of this month. I should have read this earlier, but I had to prepare for the volunteer interpreter so I needed time. This is difficult to read. Indeed, the text is charming but I need to use the dictionary to read unknown words and understand them. I said to myself that I shouldn't hurry, just read them steadily. Reading that slowly and steadily would make me proceed more. Making effort will empower me, and I try to believe so.

My days go on like this... I read Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 1999-2002" deeply. If I could take time, I would watch Tran Anh Yun's "The Scent of Green Papaya", but I couldn't because I was really tired. This period is once in a life so really precious... I even think that I should spend these days reading, watching, and working. But "what else should I do?". Nothing. No purpose, just doing routines. But these routines would let me grow up... I want to believe so.