2022/10/27 English

I had an idea suddenly that said to me "it is hard to be perfect everywhere". About my current job, although I have the consciousness that I have worked this job for over 20 years, I have to deny that I could become a perfect person through it. Yes, I'm imperfect, therefore I have a lot to learn. A lot to improve. I have the will of using the job coach and make it perfect. And also, I am not perfect at the activity I am using English. I need more to learn, though I've got too old.

Today I read Yoshimichi Nakajima's books a little again. Nakajima's books always tease me about doing "my" philosophy in my life. And also I learn that it is really hard to complete. Can I dedicate my life to philosophy? I have the will? I would read Wittgenstein for the rest of my life and die. Although it might provide me nothing, it would end in vain... I think this. Even if life facing "Philosophical Investigations" might not end in vain I guess.

I have to admit that I can't use German fluently, so I can't read Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and Kant in their original language. That means we have different talents. God is cruel. All I can do is just accept the cruelty and also do an effort to improve myself. I have to face inequality straightly. This is also what I have learned from Nakajima. Reading Nakajima's philosophical essays, I can just write my silly ideas which never reach his highness every day.

This evening I attended the meeting and talked about Bon Jovi's song "Dry County". This is the song about the "prohibition era" I heard, and another member said that this lyric has the meaning of religious truth. It was really a great meeting. I want to talk about my favorite songs too. How about Bruce Springsteen's songs? I want to talk with the members about "Born in The USA" because this song has a hidden truth (or I should say that it is upon the surface of the lyrics). So I thought I need to make a paper about that.