2022/10/25 English

I read an article about the "middle age crisis" on a blog and thought about myself. When we were young, we could just live with our passion for our favorite things and stay fresh with full of unknown things in this world. We could live freely and passionately without any regrets and do ridiculous things. That was the youth. Me, I could live easily because of alcohol, but I have to find a ration for my age. Because I have to act as an adult person and show how gentlemen should be. And we also can find that things are just variations of the past so we can't keep on staying fresh... I thought like this.

We don't have to seek for freshness and brightness too much I guess. Our life shouldn't be full of shining (if we chased that life too much, we would be caught by some cults). At first, we should learn the adult wisdom which enables us to survive banal but precious days. We have to accept and celebrate them I guess. Luckily, I learned that wisdom from Yasujiro Ozu's great classical movies. We shouldn't be too greedy. Accept now and celebrate it, and live steadily... I can use that ethic as mine.

I have been learning English. Learning English has no end, therefore everlasting entertainment I believe. By reading various books and articles we can improve ourselves. And then, we face each other and do higher communication. Me, I just started learning English for the reason why I had wanted to be a translater (yes, a foolish reason). Now I can communicate with various people on WhatsApp, MeWe, and Discord and live a happy life. The reason why I recommend learning English to many people is that English can make a breakthrough in your life. You can start it just by saying Hello.

Today I worked. During the resting time, I enjoyed the music by Kicell, a Japanese group. They play really slow and funny music, and I thought that my life is like their music, the message in their songs. Just apart from being greedy and aggressive life hackers, I live my life slowly without women, glory, money, and desires. That might be OK, I recently think so. During this life, I sometimes feel I want to enjoy a passionate romance. But if it could become real, my life would make a downward spiral.