2022/10/15 English

A crisp morning. This kind of morning suits Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend". I listened to this album in the 90s for the first time. I prefer his next album "100% Fun", but this must be a masterpiece of his. The 90s, I passed that decade... The decade that I listened to Shibuya Kei music and Fishmans, and read Haruki Murakami and Kazushige Abe. Now, everything seems to be a beautiful phantom. But the ideas at that time I had became my flesh and blood. I lived through that era, and I won't deny it.

I am not good at managing my mood in the morning, but it will wake me up when I start checking Clubhouse, Discord, and Whatsapp and chatting in English. Especially, now I have the work for the city festival, so I can't sink into depression alone. English has an exciting position for me. Of course, it isn't my mother tongue. But I am not a severe learner to learn it as a foreign language. Just I put the English learning in this position. That is, to learn to enjoy and make friends. So I am not a learner who can write about lifehacks about learning English.

We used to think this. Speaking English is so cool, and we can find various English in Japanese pop songs. I don't deny it. Most people think that they want to be free from the limits of Japanese, and think in foreign languages. But I want to learn the beauty of Japanese, or the richness of Japanese. I judge that Kenji Nakagami and Junichiro Tanizaki have worth being read by the world, but (this might cause counter opinions) their greatness might be enjoyable when we read them in Japanese. At least, reading their works in Japanese lets our Japanese language's version up.

Recently, I am really tired so I slept soon although I have some tasks to do. Anyway, I want to do the job I was offered, and also I want to reread Haruki Murakami. Although Haruki's literature is easy to be translated into English, it has changed our Japanese dynamically in my opinion. Yes, this has no evidence so might just be my idea... At least, the Japanese I am writing has influenced essences by reading Haruki Murakami and Yoshio Kataoka. Kataoka's "Outside of Japanese" influenced me deeply. I can remember that.