2022/05/19 English

I went to a library and borrowed Mutsumi Imai's "The theory of learning English alone". I'm reading it now and found that it approaches how to learn English logically (with the reference to cognitive bias) although orthodox books about learning English tend to think by the author's experience. I can see the author thinking about how to learn in a better way seriously. Although I have read it once, I thought this is a masterpiece. At the same time, I thought I had to think about my opinion of learning English again. I haven't thought about how I want to be by learning English.

Sometimes people ask me why I learn English. For me, I have no reasons like 'great' ones such as I want to work globally or make myself bigger in my career. I'm learning English because I want to express my thoughts in English and talk with my friends about what I write (For example, the friends on MeWe, Discord, and WhatsApp). Therefore I don't feel the pressure of learning more and making a good score on exams. Because of that, my opinion might become too optimistic basically. I have to think about this.

In "The theory of learning English alone", Mutsumi Imai recommends making the goal of learning. And she also recommends thinking about how to approach the goal and how we can achieve that by learning with tactics once more. Exactly this is an important point of view. I guess that blurred adore like "People who can speak English fluently must be cool" (I can't understand this point of view) can't let us achieve the goal. Learning a language must be achieved through everyday effort. Therefore we need dumb practice, practice, and practice. The one-day effort won't let you be a fluent speaker. That fact should stop people from learning.

All I can tell you is just from my experience. But if I can think of the clue to learning English in a better way, then that might be just having patience and not thinking of ourselves too higher. If we judge our level of English, we have to face the fact that a lot of 'better' or 'fluent' speakers must be in this world and it forces us to look at our immature. Therefore we should get sick. We should compare with past us. Comparing with past us who couldn't speak fluently in the past days, and praise our achievement. And loving us who can speak English in a better way, who learn English actively. That leads us to get self-esteem and lets us be able to speak.