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2022/05/07 English

Today was a day off. I read Sherry Turkel's "Reclaiming Conversation". This book was translated as "Smartphone even if we are together" in Japanese. Yes, that sounds uncool but it is very interesting. I also have a smartphone though I'm poor, and this book tells us how smartphones have changed our life. Smartphones took the chances of solitude in our lives, and also the chances of face-to-face communication, and the chances to grow the power of empathy away. There is a great discussion that makes us think about these problems.

I thought it was interesting that our 'net personality' started working if we started using the internet. I am also not a person like me if I am alone. Using the internet, I always try to act with an open mind and warm heart. But if I go back to my personal time which lets me alone, I also go back to being a selfish and egoistic person. In Turkle's discussion, I can understand that kind of separation or double personalities can be a problem the internet provides. But these 'double personalities' might provide what kind of problem? I can't see. In me, there must be a person who is not like me. Is it bad?

Indeed, the separation of this myself and the one who is not this one provides me with certain stress. And also, we can see the possibility of having trouble living with such a 'net personality' (yes, it might be important to try to become the ideal self, but before that, we might have to accept these selves at first). I thought that the real problem was the exact trouble of keeping on trying to express my "cool self" to the world in vain. People can't be that kind of 'cool self' easily, therefore they adore it. Oh my gosh, I can't write this plainly.

About myself, I don't think that I should express such a 'cool self'. It is simply because I don't want to do the action like others. That might be understood by others I guess. I know the people who are trying to learn Japanese and even starting to write their diaries in Japanese at last, because of this diary of mine. All I do is just tell my truth and I believe that it must be one of the meanings of this trial. I can be called a good user of the internet because of that fact. Indeed, the internet sometimes makes me sick therefore I should accept the fact that I must be a weak person.