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2022/04/26 English

I read Yoshitaka Mouri's "Banksy: Art Terrorist". The arts of Banksy come into our daily life before we know it. It's for a long time since his graffiti appeared in our towns. But, Who is the key person Banksy? This compact book tries to tell the answer to that question by telling about him from several perspectives. It's not just from the field of 'modern art', but also from 'music' or 'politic' of the country England Banksy comes from, by the author who is majoring in cultural studies. Therefore this book can't be treated lightly.

Reading "Banksy: Art Terrorist", I thought about the arts of Banksy I have. I have Brady Mikako's column collection "Europe Calling Returns" that is used Banksy's art as an illustration for its cover. Brady Mikako is also the writer of England, where Banksy comes from, and where punk rock was born in. She used to report the reality of Europe's politics and economy every time. From tomorrow, I will start reading this book. It has been a long time since this book had been published, but it is still actual I believe.

I found that 'the people who watch movies at double speed' (and I heard that the book by Toyoshi Inada tells about these people). I think that how to watch the content you purchased is free, but I have never thought that I want to watch movies at double speed. It is just tasteless that watch Yasujiro Ozu or Tarkovsky at double speed. Its slow tempo that causes us to sleep is therefore its charm I believe, so if we watched them at double speed, it would lose its charm. But of course, this might come from the watcher's character so I won't say this too strongly.

At night, I wrote an essay about the topic of we could use English. Coming to this kind of topic, I think that we are already using English so freely from the other side. The people understand the keywords like 'sustainability' or 'SDGs' that I can't understand well and use them freely. Although how to use the language is not just understanding and using, they achieved at that level. I won't think that the Japanese's level of English is low. They just don't use it in their life. If they start using, their potentiality starts blooming I believe. So all they need is just the chance of using English.