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2022/04/09 English

Once a Japanese critic Akira Asada described Haruki Murakami's novels as 'poor'. This word lets me remember the same word of Nagaharu Yodogawa, who described Mikio Naruse's movies as 'such a poor director'. It looks like a kind of people use 'poor' as a useful adjective. I have lived as a 'poor' person. I won't blame this on someone else. Smart people earn money well even if this corona disease goes on, or they make stepping up their ability through their efforts. So I say to myself that I have to owe the responsibility to my life. I'm poor and it's my fault.

As such a poor person, I have a certain intimacy with 'poor' Haruki Murakami and Mikio Naruse. They might be 'poor' because they are not smart or good at living. Both are the greatest Japanese artists but their works are not 'sophisticated'. Although I don't know Naruse's movies well so I might be wrong, they try to send their messages seriously and directly. Their attitude is different from the humorous one of artists like Jean-Luc Godard. And it might be looked like a 'poor' one.

I can remember this if I watch their 'poor' attitude. The artists like Yasuharu Konishi and Keigo Oyamada show their snob sense by choosing a lot of records with gorgeous elegance that is the opposite of poverty. Yes, their attitude is very rich. I remember I had tried to be like them and showered the music which I can't understand, and tried to be a virtual DJ. It ended as a failure. Now I live a 'poor' life by reading books and watching movies quietly. What is wrong with being 'poor'? Being 'poor' is good! That is my opinion (and this might be very uncool).

Writing this, I think I can't tell this opinion of mine to other foreign readers. I have to explain that they should remember the "Maid" which is famous as a bestseller and a Netflix drama, and the poverty makes me lose the quality of life and sense, therefore becomes uncool. I also might be losing the quality of sense because of poverty. But blaming or laughing at someone else's dumb because it is just uncool is not cool. What am I talking about? Anyway, poverty must be bad absolutely. That's all!