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2022/03/16 English

I must be a too tiny person, and I don't want to show it as a big thing. Today was a fine day as yesterday and it made my mood fine. The morning I attended the room by Judith on clubhouse and enjoyed talking with my friends. The topic I told about was that in Japan there is a drink which is called "POKARI SWEAT" (sweat!). After that, I went to AEON but had nothing to do so listened to emotional rock music such as Spitz, Jimmy Eat World, and Weezer, and tried to read Rei Nagai's "The philosopher in water", and Kazushi Hosaka's "Memories of seasons", and Yoshikichi Furui's "Talking about literature together".

After that, I went back to my group home and enjoyed a small talk with a woman on clubhouse one on one. I talked about "POKARI SWEAT" and she told me about the memory of the impression when she saw a Japanese naming "Fresh Sand" for the first time (we Japanese tend to shorten "sandwiches" as "sand"). And she had watched a tattoo in Japanese which means "soup"... I live in the Kinki area and this "Kinki" is the word which reminds native people of "Kinky". We enjoyed those topics. She said that this strange English is called "Engrish". I thought I wanted to talk about this at the meeting I will have tomorrow.

This afternoon, I attended the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. I felt that I am getting to be a person like my father. Because I feel that I am speaking like him, who also speaks so proudly. I am not tending to do so, and just I think I am "tweeting" with a tiny voice. I think "tweeting" is cooler than loud talking. But, attending the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meetings and English conversation classes, I have made my voice loud like this. Today, I told the memory about my past days, when I had thought I would be bigger and drunk a lot. Oh, it has been seven years since I had stopped drinking...

Returning to my home, I read Kazushi Hosaka's novel. There is a long brank since I had read "Memories of seasons" last time. I found that his novel is easy to read and has a fresh touch. It reminds me of Hirokazu Koreeda's masterpieces. I have learned that Hosaka is a cinephile, and I also have tried to watch movies with a foolish passion. I have progressed a little? I remade the draft about "POKARI SWEAT" and funny "Engrish" for tomorrow's meeting. I wanted to write a new part of "A blue car", but lost my vitality and slept so soon.