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2022/03/15 English

How many years have passed since that day? Every March 15th, I think of that thing. Today is the day Fishmans's vocalist Shinji Sato had passed away. When I was a college student, I knew their album "Camp in the air". Since that, their music has been an important essence of my philosophy or point of view. This might recall someone's anger but I learned from their music that working hard is just 'a' way of living this life (therefore it might not be the best way of living) exactly. Maybe they won't try to tell such a message but... Rest in peace. I enjoy their music again.

I read Kazushi Hosaka's "Breakfast on glass". Like Fishmans's music, I have learned the pleasure or fun of living by his novels. When I was just a college student with depression, I read "Breakfast on glass" and learned the character talking about the Bible and Nietzche or going to a racecourse. The atmosphere of their talking has made me happy or comfortable. I was 20... at that time I had never read Nietzche. I hadn't understood philosophy and literature. Just a boy... Ah, I couldn't imagine this life!

I wrote a new part of "a blue car". After graduating from the university, I tried to understand Nietzsche and Wittgenstein by myself. Of course, I can never understand German. I won't say that I can understand their thoughts well. But even if it might be misunderstanding or misreading, their philosophy has left something important in me. So I want to let it out... it is natural, isn't it? This might sound paradoxical but my thought is never original. But the words from me are important because they come from this tiny brain. When I say my thought, this must sound too much but I can treat it as a kind of miracle.

Next Thursday I will get the turn of expressing my talking on the meeting with my friends. I want to talk about 'Funny English in our life'. For example, we know the name 'POKARI SWEAT'. 'Sweat' is that sweat (it might have a smell?). Plastic bottles which have 'sports drink' in themselves and their name is 'sweat'... incredible! I also followed the account 'Ministry of Japanese English' on Instagram. I also want to talk about 'J-POP' which also has strange English. How funny this world is!