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2022/03/06 English

Reading Hitoshi Nagai's books, I find an interesting and profound question. "If I was separated into two people, that part self was still myself?". He tries to think about this question seriously and completely (but with humor). It can't happen. But it might have a certain meaning I guess. With this humorous question, I can think about the fact that I am just here and alone. I didn't exist in the past and won't exist in the future. These facts give me thinking about the greatness of the existence of myself. This philosophy is one that no one could think about.

I am this one. I wasn't here (even if I was, I never have the memory of that period). I also can't find 'now' that I will be in this world. 'Now', I am here and can be nowhere else. But if I was somewhere else? For example, if I was in Rio de Janeiro now? If that 'I' came to meet 'me'? Then 'I' in Rio de Janeiro was the same 'me' in Japan? If so, why? If it's not so, why? This question works as thinking about me again. Yes, a profound and new question.

But I think I can't share this question with Hitoshi Nagai. The feeling that I am here and just this one is not a profound and philosophical question. It comes from the reality that my body is just this only one. And also, I can never manage the reality of being another else. I can treat this reality and that's all. Nagai's philosophy is a little bit too head-oriented thought without physical reality. Yes, his question goes sophisticated. But the more he tries to ask, the idea goes apart from our reality I guess. How does his idea go beyond our physical reality?

A friend lined me. She wanted my opinion about the current Russian invasion in Ukraine. I answered like this. I think that every opinion should be treated as an important one. I think that I want to stand by conservativism. Human beings can't be perfect and we also move by emotion. As those imperfect beings, we should know that 'imperfect' aspect and need the attitude to do communicate little by little and make progress steadily. So I say no to the wars which lose the possibility of communication. I said so on LINE. I still have this opinion. I say no to the war (again).