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2022/02/26 English

I used to think these words when I think about the war. 'The only way against the wars is making everyone's life beautiful and keeping it strictly'. I learned these aphorism-like words written by Kenichi Yoshida by Pizzicato Five's music, and also this is a motto of Yasuharu Konishi I heard. I have tried to listen to music, read books, and eat meals by saying these words to myself. But I don't know how these words are written in the exact context. I tried to look for the original text but couldn't find it. I have read a note about these words.

I learned from this note that these words by Kenichi Yoshida are put in this context. It becomes long but I quote them. 'I can't think that the best way against the wars is emphasizing the misery of past wars and advertising that we will never do it again. The place where had been damaged by the wars is also the place people still stay, and the place and the people are not spectacles. The old wound should vanish'. In my words, it seems to be from positivism which is based on the thought that we should live 'now' and progress forward. With it, he tries to tell 'the only way against the wars'.

Of course, we can deny this opinion/point of view. What are you saying? The movements which don't learn from the past must end as an instant one. Yes, I agree with that but he is Kenichi Yoshida, a great thinker, therefore, he must think about this counter-opinion... silly monologue starts like that in my head (I always do this kind of silly self-talk). But I still want to stand by Kenichi Yoshida and make my life lighter and cooler against the air of 'wartime' which doesn't allow any jokes and makes us serious. I did my work as a step of that activism today.

The night I talked about our daily life in English on clubhouse. The people I talked with were two women by chance. I thought I found what I want to treat preciously by the conversation with these women. It is, as I said before, keeping the policy I never want to give someone and staying tough attitude with saying 'I hate because I hate'. Maybe this attitude might be called childish, but being childish is bad? I want to have a childish spirit like Ango Sakaguchi. I don't want to stand by poker-face realism or instant anti-war attitude. I want to make my way of living and 'keep it strictly'.