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2022/02/24 English

I read Tetsuya Furuta's "Doing philosophy by usual words". This contains various interesting topics, and I learned the difficulty of doing communication or discussion by our words. But we have to do communication and trials to understand each other by them and treat each opinion as precious things (of course, we never be able to understand each other completely). For that purpose, we have to keep the attitude which is to treat every opinion as an important thing. But now is the era that a lot of opinions appear like bubbles (and most of them are supported by no responsibility). It is difficult to say opinions that have a certain intention.

I heard that Russia started the war against Ukraine. This news reminded me of the song "Russians" by Sting. In this song, Sting imagines and sings how the people in Russia (at that time we called it 'Soviet') think about the politicians who are haunted by hysteria, and also how they think about 'the West (in short, us who live in Capitalism)'. 'We share the same biology/Regardless of ideology'. In other words, beyond the wall of ideology, we are all human beings. This is the truth... maybe people say that I'm saying quite nonsense. How long years have passed since the Cold War era?

You're right. This says that my understanding Russia had stopped at the Cold War era. I have to update it... but I don't want to throw this point of view. We are all human beings... I want to keep the stance as Sting sings like 'There's no such thing as a winnable war/It's a lie we don't believe anymore'. The war had happened, but this struggle provides what? For a long span, this war brings any better solution? We have to lose precious lives but that should be the costs we have to pay? We have to think about this with patience (Alt-rights in Twitter as Seishiki Aron might laugh at this sentimentalism).

I have various friends in various countries on WhatsApp. One of them is from Russia and another one is working at the UN and from Ukraine. They think about this problem with cool heads instead of banal patriotism. By the way, I envy the people who can speak about 'our national interest' and 'the peace spirit of Article 9 in our constitution'. I have no great opinions like them. Just I think about those friends. What can I do for them? I am not a politician or a CEO. Just a person lives in Japan. How can I help them? My interest is in that. I say no war now. The reason? Don't kill us. That's all.