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2022/02/22 English

I couldn't get any progress on my reading today. I started reading Toshiyuki Horie's "Forgetting days at a riverbank" but it didn't come into my head. I even tried to read Shigeki Noya's and Tetsuya Furuta's books, but my mood didn't fit them. I should try to write a novel or an essay on Facebook again, but I couldn't find any clue to write on. Ah, I have very bad cost performance. I never have any strong power of the will, so have to struggle with my scattered mind which makes me do a lot of nonsense.

When I read Tetsuya Furuta's "Doing philosophy with ordinary words", I found that his daughter asked him "Why can we speak before thinking 'I'll say this'?". The mystery is that we can act before deciding everything by our consciousness. This is quite a discussion which Benjamin Libet does about that our body's movements decide what to do before we think in my mind (TBH I have never read his works). It might sound too difficult but what I want to say is that our body decides what we should do before our head does. It's very profound.

Kenichiro Mogi says about 'anti-paper tests'. He says that we should consider the Japanese's English basically once more. Although I just learned his fragmental comments a news site had edited, I guess that understanding our skill of English by those paper tests like TOEIC can't be bad at all (maybe we have to think if those paper tests 'really' tell us the skill of English correctly). Therefore we need them in my opinion. I don't know how important the paper tests like TOEIC in the field of the business, but paper tests are important because just not only for the purpose we can show the results to others but for knowing our basic potentiality (I had learned this truth by the manga 'Oh my goddess').

But I can understand what Kenichiro Mogi says. Probably Mogi tries to say that we should not do learning the technique of using English only, but do speak English which has true content to say. I'm just an ordinary free man who shares my daily life which might not have any value to be shared, but I believe that, although the content of our opinion itself must be important, we also have to face a severe fact that improving technique can broaden the range of the things we want to share. By the way, my motto is "Improve your skill if you have the time you can brush up your personality". I had learned this truth from Sutapa Saitoh.