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2022/02/08 English

A fine day. But I had to work... at the cafeteria of my workplace in the afternoon, I wanted to listen to some music and tried to the Beatles on Spotify without seeing Beijing Olympics. I remember that I couldn't listen to them fairly because I had a certain prejudice about them. I believed that they were for 'nice' people (even if they were treated as the music of 'outsiders'!). Listening to "Yellow Submarine", I noticed that this warm and friendly essence must be one of their charms. This song is sung by Ringo Starr I think. Ringo's voice has depth and warmness. I feel nostalgia for his voice.

I remember the past myself who couldn't like the Beatles, and noticed that I might be the person who can't love the things which 'everybody loves'. I am a 'natural-born' outsider so feel that I can't love the things which are said as 'everybody loves them'. So I don't read bestsellers and also don't watch 'nationally popular' dramas. But indeed the Beatles had been disliked and bashed by the older generation, so I have to admit that this prejudice must be wrong. Ah, the story is going to a strange dimension. I can taste their music at this age. They have many faces, or I should say that it must be a 'diversity' itself.

At night I went to an English conversation class. I worried if they do this class, and was told that this season we have this one lesson only. It must be by this corona disease. Today we shared the topic of Valentine's day. We had to talk about our 'talks about love' with each other. I don't have any romantic talks but told a story about a woman who I met at the meeting about autism. A charming person and I confessed to her. It didn't go well and my love was ended. But it has been alive in me as a good lesson. Ah, if I hadn't met her, I must wander this world with regret as a zombie and wait for the ruin...

After that, I came back to my group home and read Koutarou Sawaki's "Poker Face". I feel that Sawaki's works have their 'negative'. Although I think he must enjoy the real world's pleasure (I think he doesn't use social media because he might not feel the necessity of 'barking'). But at the base of his works, there must be strong eyes that can see the errors or lies of the world. That strong power of eyes must be one of his charms. He doesn't hide it and that is evidence of his honesty. That attitude of showing honesty might represent his 'negative' I guess.