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2022/02/07 English

Today I worked late. In the afternoon I read the dialogue by Shunsuke Tsurumi and Natsuo Sekikawa "What has the Japanese threw away". I can't see why I read the books like this. I had a certain concern about Shunsuke Tsurumi's thoughts or theories. The words Tsurumi answers to Sekikawa's interview are plain, thrilling, and interesting. I want to read his opinions about manga and books, and many theories. Sekikawa watches the past views and Japanese with nostalgia basically, but Tsurumi watches and talks about the current sight. That difference might become a good harmony.

Tsurumi describes himself as a raccoon. He says he is a philosophist who doesn't make the 'perfect' systematic theories. The 'perfect' theories... It might sound difficult. If I say it with my words, he is a person who doesn't think too strictly and allows paradoxes or idleness in his theories. He might not be afraid of his human errors. I think I might be a raccoon because of that meaning too. I have a lot of paradoxes in myself. I have a very weak will. Being a pervert basically... I had sympathy with Tsurumi maybe because of it.

The word 'negative capability' left a deep impact on me. It is the meaning of 'breakfall' of thoughts. If you got the counter opinions to yours, you do not fight against them, but might have to follow them and change yourself. That 'changing' act is the meaning. I am also having a stubborn personality so this kind of 'breakfall' stance must be important. Once I did a Judo and learned how 'breakfall' was important. If we avoid that, we must get injured. That's the same. We can't be perfect or being without any paradoxes so it's important to survive with changing opinions.

I had an interest in Tsurumi's articles. I should read his opinions about manga... how will I do with reading him? I don't want to be a philosopher... Reading something must be just a way of killing time and it must not have any sublime meaning. It's just the same as smoking or drinking alcohol. Just solo and 'closed' pleasure and therefore it can have greatness. His attitude which has been moved by the manga "Parasyte" even if he gets over his 70s must have the worth to be followed even if I can't understand any manga. He has fresh senses and is like a monster. He says he is an evil guy, and exactly I think he is an outsider. That uniqueness is exactly great.