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2022/01/30 English

In the afternoon I spent a resting time at the cafeteria of my company. I did net surfing with my smartphone and found the news that the movie "Zeloville" will be released on Netflix next month. I really wanted to watch it. I have read the original book by Steve Erickson a long time ago. That novel is a masterpiece that Steve Erickson had written with his paranoiac passion and huge knowledge about movies. Quite an interesting. Recently I watch no movies so I want to try. Although I have not watched "Don't Look Up", I am caring about it.

I don't know the issues of the world. I can't follow the trend or the fashion. What is the bestseller or the new release... Once, when I was a heavy listener I read the magazine "Rockin' On" and made a schedule of new releases in my head. But now I buy no releases and just get satisfied with the old books the library has. And also I rarely buy books. I am satisfied with the ones I already have... it is the meaning of aging? Now I'm interested in only one book by Nobuhiko Kobayashi "Born in Nihonbashi".

So I can't see what is the trend. I can't understand what is popular in the world. At the cafeteria, I saw the TV program that various TV personalities try to make haiku and show them. Their haikus were made into the checking and ranking... I couldn't understand how I could enjoy it. The programs I can enjoy seem to be the ones seeking the truth of 9.11 terrorism or like that. Of course, it is not bad. But it is sad that I can't enjoy popular TV programs. Popular things have certain reasons to get popular. These things exactly have something which grips people's minds. It is really awesome.

The night, I read Susumu Sogo's "Can't live without movies 2003-2006". Susumu Sogo is a person who isn't moved by easy trends. He has his cool philosophy. It makes me ease. I have been reading this series of "Can't live without movies" twice and thought that I could be satisfied with this series only. I don't want anything more. I can find nothing of new releases... Valentine's day is coming and the marketing static of sweets company will color this season with fashionable chocolates. I won't be given any chocolates so will enjoy listening to Paul Chambers's double Jazz bass.