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2022/01/26 English

Today was a day off. The morning I went to a library and borrowed Genpei Akasegawa's "The world is full of coincidence". This is the one in which the author found various "coincidences" as meeting people or finding something every day and recorded them. It was quite an interesting one. The events which occur by "coincidence" had been accepted with the attitude of "That can be happened" and "That's the world". That kind of soft thinking of the author is very funny and it's comfortable to accept. This attitude might bring him to find "The power of aging".

This book made me think about how this journal I'm writing should be. I'm writing about the things which I had thought about in my life. Should I write the things which had happened in my life? This might be influenced by Genpei Akasegawa's book. Of course, I can't experience any funny things like Akasegawa's diary, but always I write my thoughts, and therefore this journal might become banal. But my days are not wonderful and don't have any variation. Today the thing I did was just to borrow Kafuu Nagai's journals.

I had my hair cut the afternoon and went to the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. After that, I read Koutarou Sawaki's "Sight of the road" at my group home till I sleep. Always I write about him with a good or bad, ambiguous opinion. All I can say exactly is that I respect him. He faces the things to write fairly and thinks about them with an honest attitude, not using other people's opinions or vocabulary. He also makes his words carefully. But these opinions are not the same as mine. That kind of "discord" might attract me.

I remember this. When I had written web journals in my 20s, I had thought that doing services with some funny style or making everything funnier might be the way to become popular. I had written silly things... (I hated them so threw them away). I pretended myself like a banal commentator or critic... Now I don't have such a feeling. Precious people read mine so that's enough. I want to change the style of my journal because I want to do something new. That kind of a light trial. From tomorrow I'll do so.