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2022/01/23 English

I thought I should use Google Keep so am inputting various promises and my journals in it. TBH, a friend from Discord recommended using Excel to input my thought like detoxing or schedules, and I exactly tried to do so but it's difficult for me, so it is impossible. So I finally found Google Keep. Google Keep moves with Google Calendar so it is easy to write my schedules. I can't see if it goes well, but it must be better than nothing. How does it work?

I've read a book. Koutarou Sawaki's "Across the galaxy". I don't read his books with passion well. His non-fiction works look interesting but I can't read them, so all I have read about him are columns and movie reviews. His books are full of his stoic toughness and also I can see his elegance. These essays in this book seem to be magic or attraction. His technique of writing is so excellent, so I can enjoy it. Reading his movie reviews again might be good, so I looked for them on my bookshelf.

Except for them, all I did was nothing. Although I had enough time to watch any movies, I didn't have the motivation to do so. I made a report about the meeting last Sunday I had attended... that's all. This kind of lazy time might be needed now. I tried to read Hyakken Uchida randomly and slept if I wanted to do so... Just spent the time with my instinct. Reading Sawaki's movie reviews might make me watch movies again. I just let myself move by the flow.

At night I attended the room on clubhouse. There, I read out my journal. When I used to attend the rooms Judith from Indonesia had done, I read my journal out loud. It was the heritage of that act. This time, they said I could read the whole journal so I did. Hyakken Uchida might not be easy to understand for them but they accepted me with kindness. Everyone is unique and beautiful... these comments made me warm. That's all.