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2021/11/13 English

The morning I translated the material about autism which I used at the meeting two days ago in English. Doing that translation, I thought I liked keeping on writing something like this. Yes, it would be nice if it could be my job. But I think I want to let things out by using words and forming like this... I showed the friends on Discord and WhatsApp and got praised by them. Of course, I feel happy. I remember the past that I was heavily hated by classmates. It's so different from that. I'm glad.

I wanted to show that English material so sent it to a Chinese (or Taiwanese?) girlfriend on Wechat. Then she asked me if I was free at that time so we talked in English in real-time. She said that my voice was very comfortable. That comment was impressive for me... When I was a student, I always had thought about why we should learn English. Learning something without thinking if it can be useful might products treasures like this in future...Although, Of course, learning something is also for checking our progress. I got brand new motivation for going to the English conversation class.

In the afternoon, after a nap, I thought about how to spend the time. I watched Twitter's timeline and found the topic of the book "Man Disconnected" by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita D. Coulombe. I went to a library and borrowed it. This book has an aggressive title, but I thought it also has a mild and good conclusion (not going so far as to show any extreme discussion). It shows the man's difficulty to live in a society that has developed game culture and the porno industry. It is persuasive. I don't play games but enjoy porno so this book is also partially saying about me.

The conclusion of this book, not relying on self-love which is increased by games and porno, but growing ourselves by approaching women little by little and not fearing failure and shame, is acceptable for me. Yes, it needs a long time and is hated because it has much "loss" made by many trials and errors in this society's optimization. But, looking at my footsteps of life, these "loss" and failure are also empowering us...someday. This book gives such good wisdom. But... where is the problem of transgender in this book?