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2021/11/11 English

At last, I did a presentation about autism. The night, we had an online meeting which was done by friends who are connected by the events of our city's international association club. I spoke about autism there. I'm exactly an autistic person so my speaking became the things of what this person thinks and acts. It became a wonderful time because members said the questions and opinions as "What does the "handicap" mean?" or "Exactly autistic person themselves did creative things at the turning points of history". I hope I can share this presentation and the experience at other meetings. Actually, I will attend another meeting on the 21st day of this month. I hope I will talk about these experiences.

Ocean Vuong's novel which I read yesterday reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk's novels (I told this to a member at a chat channel on Discord. She asked me "Why did you think so?"...). Chuck Palahniuk is a writer who is well known as the novel "Fight Club"'s author in Japan. I have read his novel "Survivor" besides that "Fight Club". I want to read more so started reading "Invisible Monsters". A very aggressive novel but it doesn't have a clear story like "Fight Club". It's difficult to read.

By doing a presentation about autism, I remembered the meeting which made me think I might be an autistic person. In 2007, I met a woman, and also I read the episode of Temple Grandin in Oliver Sacks's "An Anthropologist on Mars". In that book, she was referred to as an autistic person. But at that time autism was not a hot topic in Japan. I told the woman about autism, she was surprised because I should know myself as an autistic person. Yes, now we can laugh at this episode...

10 years or more passed. 10 years ago... I was still a heavy drinker and I didn't (or couldn't) stop drinking even if doctors said I should stop or save drinking. I thought "if I stopped drinking, I would live without any pleasure as money and women. Drinking alcohol must be the one which brings my life happiness" and I drank a lot... I couldn't see how I would become 10 years later. I heard Jyakucyo Setouchi passed away at 99. Everyone owes their mission in their life and creates their footsteps in this world... and die. I thought I should shoulder my mission and live on. I have not read Jyakucyo's book firmly... I should?