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2021/11/04 English

I read Toshiyuki Horie's "The Iron and Morning Poet". This reading is interesting as usual. Especially, the essay about Paul Auster and his typewriter is the most interesting for me. This essay contains the episode that he has used the typewriter which he had got from the beginning of his career to the current time, he has become one of the most famous writers. I remind of the episode of Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who had used a 7500 yen glove even if it got used too much when he was a pro baseball player. Nowadays I'm interested in Shinjo. His policy like this might be the character of autism... of course, I can't say anything because I'm not a doctor.

Next Thursday, I was asked to talk for something about one hour. The previous time I talked about Haruki Murakami, but I don't want to talk about literature again so I decided to talk about autism. What should I talk about? I'm thinking. I want to talk about the facts I like reading and I have read 1000 books these five years, or I write my notes in English, like that. I googled and found that Genshi Yonetsu is also a person with autism. I learned that these kinds of "coming out" have been increasing (I don't think it always brings good results).

This is needless to say but I want to say, our life has no rehearsals. In other words, I live my 40s without learning how my 40s will be. And 50s and 60s... and so on. I live my 40s with reading, sleeping, eating... it's just like a student. Can I live my 40s like this? I worry about this. Did I become an adult? The root of myself has been weak and like a baby. I have become stronger?

Reading Toshiyuki Horie's articles, I found the essence of his is the same as Mieko Kanai (the elegance of the style... "ecriture"?). And also the same as Yoshikichi Furui (the introspective touch) and as Komimasa Tanaka (the humor!). He is like a thoroughbred. I can't live and write like him because I just have read Haruki Murakami only, not classics and foreign literature. Of course, I should live my life so I accept this fact. There are many Horie's books I have not read so I will read them step by step.