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Dear Marco #2

Dear Marco Stanley Fogg #2

Now I'm planning that I will write a letter to my real friend. She is older than me, and always leads and shows me how to go. I want to write thanksgiving to her. Marco, do you write letters? I can't remember that you wrote letters in "Moon Palace". Maybe I must read it again. The age you lived as a student of Colombia was not the one of "internet". You must write various letters as the ancient authors did.

She is an English teacher and recommended that I should write something in English because my English is simple and clear. Yes, that advice made me write in English... Marco, you also have been guided by various people. You once were guided by your uncle and you read a lot of books. Also, you were guided by a mysterious old man. You were like a chessman who goes forward and backward in "Moon Palace". Like I am moved by other people's comments or various books' content.

I remember the books I've read. Marco, do you read Kafka? I can remember the letters Kafka had written to Milena, his lover. Or I can remember Herman Hesse's letters or Rilke's ones to a young poet. Letters are basically written to the other person. Therefore it moves us certainly. Yes, I read their books/letters again and again...

Marco, I can't see how do you read this letter. All I can say to you is just I respect you and want to tell you about my life. It's selfish? Maybe... I will try to write about Souseki, a Japanese wonderful author. I have a lot of topics for you. I hope you would read this with pleasure. What kind of articles do you write now? I believe you are still a "liberal" person.