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Dear Marco #1

Dear Marco Stanley Fogg. #1

From today, I will write letters to you. Let me introduce myself. I'm Tatsuro, a Japanese guy. I was born in 1975. The age of punk rock and the Vietnam war. Yes, I can remember what you had experienced at that age because I have read Paul Auster's novel "Moon Palace", in which you appear as the main character.

Yes, you are just a "fictional" person. For the readers who read these letters, I should make this clear. You appear in that novel (or more clearly I have to write "You write that novel as a narrator"). When I was a college student, I had met "Moon Palace". I bought and read it in my apartment, which was consist of a room which has a room, a kitchen, and a closet. Yes, I can remember... it was a wonderful time. I could enjoy your writing... quite a great adventure! In that novel, you threw yourself into a "hand-to-mouth" life and met a Chinese girl, and chased the mystery of your real father. Yes, it was a great youth novel and also an evergreen "mystery" novel (it might be called a "pop" Dostoevsky).

From the first time I had read "Moon Palace", you have been one of my idols. Because you are so intelligent person which reads Montaigne and Pascal in your life. Your approach to the world is so sensitive and I can find something gentle in your narration (I believe that good philosophers or good authors must have their rhythm of thinking, and therefore they can represent it as a melody in their works). I wish I could write like you. But I can't write novels so I will try this "epistolary style".

Marco, I can't follow "after" the ending of "Moon Palace" so I must imagine what had happened to you "afterward". You are still writing? I believe you have written some great works, like Paul Auster, the creator of you, has written various masterpieces.