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I am thinking about the song "woman" by John Lennon. John starts this song with this impressive phrase. "For the other half of the sky". I thought this was very John when I had noticed it for the first time. Poetic and dynamic... and after that, I heard that this phrase is from Mao Zedong’s poem. Oh my gosh. He had read his poems? It has a philosophical touch and profound meaning.

"Woman"... this means he sang about "a" woman. Of course, she is Yoko. But I think that this song also has three cheers for "women". The people who work under "the other half of the sky". I sometimes forget the fact that men are different from women. I sometimes forget that men can't experience the things like pregnancy or monthly periods.

The fact that I can't experience their means, at least for me, I can't touch some parts of this real world. I have to "imagine" women's problems or joys as John did to realize the world peace in our imagination. Therefore I can't talk fairly about women. Am I misunderstanding something? I am afraid of that possibility.

This world's history contains various men's (or I should say "male"'s) stupid words. Especially Nietzsche says many silly (and nonsense) things. I use my imagination fully for understanding the people next to me.

OK. I don't talk about sad little Nietzsche. I want to talk about myself. When I was a child, I was hated and bullied by "girls". Yes, it was silly bullying. But can you imagine that "all" girls hated me and not showed a glimpse of loving me? I couldn't experience how the feeling of beloved was. Now I've got used to loving myself and therefore I can accept. A friend of mine said that kind of "self-love" makes me love the other person. The other... "the other half of the sky"?