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Milos Forman "Man On The Moon"

I've watched Milos Forman's movie "Man On The Moon". It might be the fourth time I've watched this. The first time, I couldn't enjoy this even the staff use the R.E.M.'s song (which is my favorite). But little by little I've got used to enjoying this (I also have watched a Netflix documentary "Jim and Andy" and learned Jim respects him).

I was born in 1975 so can remember the era of TV shows. This movie tells us that era's memories vividly. Now, in the YouTube era, people show their real situation and make content. But in the TV era, people show very perfectly "fake". Andy tries to do a realistic "battle of the sexes" as wrestling with women. But it is fake. In other words, they had discussed how they would fight. But an evil wrestler appears and Andy has to fight with him. But this serious match is also "fake"! This relationship between "real" and "fake" shows how TV can be magical media.

Andy might be a daydreamer. He tries to make lies to us. He makes another himself and battles with him on the media. Every battle is for his new comedy... His offensive attitude of comedy might be faster than the era he had lived. Now, we can watch "real" shows on YouTube. And in the "real" world we can watch "fake" news everywhere. Oh, the world goes like Andy's shows. What is "real" and what is "fake"?

I like the scene Andy goes to the Philippines and meets the doctor. On that encounter, he learns the fact that he was tricked by him. He was tricked by "fake" information. His works are a cluster of "fake", in other words, his job is making "fake." But even he can be tricked... This truth tells us a bitter lesson. This taste of bitterness makes this movie good I think.