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2021/09/26 English

Today was a day off, but I wanted to do nothing so I did voice chat in English on clubhouse and Discord. I think I can have such a day because now is the time I should take a rest. And when I got bored, I read Syouhei Ohoka's "Seijyo Press". I feel that I just killed the morning time and that's all. It's OK?... I should do something I want to do. But maybe I got used to the attitude of "waiting for something good". Everything comes to him who waits...

In the morning I've watched Theodore Melfi's movie "The Starling". I like his movies. I always learn from the spirit of "never give up" from them. However, "The Starling" is a kind of "bitter" movie for me, or I should say that it is not easy to understand. Following the force of nature and saying yes to fate. It reminds me of Nietzsche's way of thinking. I wait for the time he will make a new movie which is the product he has learned from making this movie. And I hope the next can be more "entertainment". It must be interesting.

I have spent the time by doing chat with a person from Kyrgyzstan and another man from China (or Hong Kong?) on clubhouse. I have no topics (and it might be too much if I say about autism again), so I did a kind of "nonsense" meeting. We spent the time discussing Samuel Beckett's quote I had brought. Beckett is one of the writers I have wanted to read. His work is difficult to read but I have better read "Waiting for Godot" at first.

I read "Seijyo Press" well today. The 1980s. A period of Cold War and we also experienced dynamic economical growth. As the journal of the writer who had lived honestly, I accept it and think I have to follow his attitude. I feel that this journal eases my mind. I wrote this before but I want to live like him, keeping on burning curiosity. I want to learn English more and do output on clubhouse and Discord. I have to make topics... What kind of books do foreign people read and what movie do they watch? I can't be like someone else so I can only talk about the things I watch, read, and listen to.