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Yuichi Sato "Kisaragi"

I've watched Yuichi Sato's movie "Kisaragi". I was reminded of Tarantino's early masterpiece "Reservoir Dogs" by this movie. They are similar. The first point is that they wear suits (in "Kisaragi", they try to wear black suits for mourning). The second point is that they are all men. The third point is that the story occurs in a room (Just one closed room). And the most important point is that this movie is filled with their conversations. They the actors say their words as their truth. But the more they speak their truth (or maybe their excuses), the more they lose the truth of an idol's death.

In short, this movie is a kind of "Reservoir Dogs" that meets otaku culture. Japanese otaku culture... they show their passions for an idol. Yes, it might not be realistic. But their activity and acting are comical and sophisticated. The story has a few dynamic waves and is therefore mysterious. Of course, this movie doesn't have any gun action so that is different from Tarantino. But I think it is cool if the creators had thought about Tarantino.

The person who is called "Iemoto" is a pure fan of "Kisaragi". Therefore, he has to learn the fact that he might be so far from her. Yes, he is just a fan. Of course, the idol has to have various relationships with real people. The manager, the shopper she often goes to, the father, the lover... But at the final moment, the story tells us that "Iemoto" also might be a near person for her. In other words, he could stand by her. This shows his passion could go across the wall between real and fake. His love(or passion) could be sublime because of that crossing. Yes, this movie is a great, sophisticated one.