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2021/09/08 English

Today was a day off. The morning I had watched Osamu Minorigawa's movie "Sue, Mai & Sawa: Righting the Girl Ship". It's not a "masterpiece" but a good one. I thought that "just" was a good word in this movie. I "just" live, I "just" do... TBH when I had searched for a job when I was a college student and couldn't, I had committed suicide. After that, I couldn't find any clue to living this life. So I thought that I "just" live. I couldn't see what would happen tomorrow. But I "just" lived for the day... until now.

Thinking that I wanted to read "Alain on Happiness" again which I had read once and got moved. I had read a little and found that Alain had said like this. Moving our body and making refresh our mind makes us happy. When I had read this book for the first time, I might leap this part so I couldn't remember. Now I can see what this part means. My current work needs me to move my body physically and the movement of my body exactly makes me refresh. I should follow Alain's style of thinking.

The afternoon I had watched Michael Haneke's "Hidden". This movie can be said as one of the most sophisticated movies by him. I accepted this movie as a trial to describe the world's real state which Marice spreads all over the world and everybody can be the bad or mad guy. When I was bullied, I lost myself in a labyrinth like this movie because I couldn't see who I should trust. Yes, it was quite a nightmare. But now I have certain people I can trust. I thought about Haneke's movies' greatness and charm. I might have to watch "The Piano Teacher", "The White Ribbon", and "Amour". Or watching his early works also can become good.

The night I attended the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. I thought about happiness again. My job (or work) might be the source of stress but I have to be thankful because I am needed and even I can get money. Even I can watch movies on my days off. I have to think about the experience of learning English literature at a college because I can't use that knowledge in my work. But if so, I have to learn more to use that knowledge. So now I can say "This is OK"... but I can't. How do my friends spend their days in these days of corona panic?