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2021/08/13 English

The opinion from a mentalist DaiGo causes trouble on the net. I have not watched the broadcasting. Just I read the articles written from it so I think I might have a wrong impression (if so, I should owe the responsibility). But I have to say that once I thought if I could live my life on welfare. The doctor I met once a month said so as a piece of advice and my old friends also said I could live an easy life on welfare. So I can't think that is far from my problem. But I work. I want to work if I can, even my earning is not great.

The doctor said, "You can use welfare so you won't die alone". Listening to this word, I felt my future was miserable and I couldn't see any hope. The reason why was the bias I had. Welfare should be the last way of living/surviving which only true poor people can choose. The people as Karin Amamiya says we can use welfare casually and I also have read the interviews of foreign musicians who used welfare as a way of living and therefore they could make music. The image of welfare changed drastically. But when I had been said that idea by a doctor, I had thought my life was almost over.

Why do I work? This problem is difficult to answer. The vast question like "Why do I work" can have the answer like "I want to work", this is just "my" opinion/point of view. In other words, I have to answer that question by thinking about "my" life. It's similar to answer the question of life. "Why do I live?", "I want to live". Quite the sameness! I can't tell the answer that "everyone" can agree with. I have to look back (not in anger) and answer the idea that fits in my life. I have to take off the glasses and look at my life.

Today I worked late so in the afternoon I had read Ryuta Imafuku's "The arks of Geronimos" half. An American person who bombed Hiroshima owed the struggle by his ethics. But he was rushed by the mood of the American's who accepted that bombing was the best way of ending the war. He got confused... Justice is relative? I want to think simple even if the world is chaos like this. Every life has its value. Every person can shine by getting his/her place to be. Wastes of life and death can't be there. That's all. I believe so.