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2021/08/09 English

I bought two books. The one was Miki Nakatani's "Staying notes in Austria" and the other was Brady Mikako's "Women's politics". I worked late so in the afternoon I had read a book. Ryuta Imafuku's interviews "Over the little nights". I had an interest in Masao Yamaguchi who Imafuku talked about with passion. I want to read the anthology of him "Masao Yamaguchi Collection". But... why do I read this kind of book even if I am not an academician? There is no meaning. I just read them for pleasure. It's just fun to read them and get the thrill of intelligence.

I was born in 1975 so I went through 1995 when Aum's terror had happened as a 20 years old student. I read Shinji Miyadai's books. He told us that "From meaning to intensity". I decided to feel pleasure by doing various acts instead of seeking the meaning (especially, the meaning of life). I've read many books but I don't want to be a professor. My reading costs badly because it doesn't relate to getting any licenses or becoming someone. But it's OK. It's just a reading.

Nowadays I listen to Soul II Soul mainly, and I started listening to Hikaru Utada. About 20 years ago, she started her career but I couldn't have any interest in her because her tune "Automatic" got over a million-seller. I thought it was hype. Now I think that that thought was wrong. I listen to her songs and find that it is a sophisticated R&B and also has the essence of Japanese popular songs which Japan only can provide. Her songs can be treated as a kind of Japanism as Haruki Murakami's novels. Yes, it's great.

Loving myself... It is often said to a narcissistic. But why is it hated? Why is it bad? At least, I once disliked myself. I hated myself too much so almost every day I thought I wanted to die. Death releases me... Of course, I won't think like this. I get to be able to like myself. But this was made by the process of the connection with other people. I say my words to make someone love himself/herself. The world goes round... Go Go Round This World!