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2021/08/07 English

Today was a day off. In the morning, I had watched the drama "THIS IS US" as usual. In this drama, the element "death" is put in as a real fact. The real father of the black business person Randal had got cancer in himself and was going to be dead near future. He tries to face his real son and grandson in a serious touch. Or, Kate who is suffered from her fatness has his boyfriend Toby. But Toby also faces his death because he had a sick at his heart. How can I face such a "death"? I don't wear my mourning suit...

In the morning, I had watched a documentary "The kindergarten which still works even at night". I don't have kids so I can't talk about how to bring children without imagination. In "THIS IS US" and this documentary, the problems of bringing children up are told as an easy way to understand how they are difficult. Both of them are very serious. But this documentary shows not the problems to shoot society but the pleasure how bringing children up is. I can't see if that is really actual.

In the afternoon, I had watched Spike Lee's movie "25th hour". Life might be bigger than we imagine... I thought that. When I had been a university student, I had thought that a rich career brings me a rich life. That should be the "only one" way to live... That's all, I believed so. So when I couldn't succeed in getting a job, I had drunk a lot of alcohol. I had lived the worst life in my life... I think I was an idiot. Even if I am poor, I can live my life happily. I can get something unless I lose my hope.

In the night, I've watched Jean-Luc Godard's movie "WEEK-END". I had thought that Godard is the director who makes "pop" movies but this movie is full of blood and other things dangerous. No, the materials dangerous can become something pop in his movies? I am being surprised because I can enjoy Godard. Once I tried to watch his movies and I slept at last. Oh, life is wonderful... What should I watch in the next for enjoying "Nouvelle-Vague" more?