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2021/08/04 English

I started watching the drama "Dear White People" on Netflix. This is the drama that describes racism and black culture comically. I've watched 2 episodes now and felt that this is bitter. I sometimes describe black culture as it's sexy or cool, but I should see their background to understand it completely. Recently, I listen to soul, R&B, and hip hop music as Soul II Soul. I might have to watch the movie black movies like "Moonlight" again.

I've watched "THIS IS US". I've watched this for quite a long time. It describes a severe situation. The dream and reality about having children. The hard life of a black person. The process of a "sitcom" actor to becoming a great one. The romance of the woman who tries to become slim. I can't see roughly because their stories are told seriously. Their humorous conversations give the drama some ease. It's quite a bitter, high-quality drama. How do they live their future? I heard this drama lasts until season 6...

In the afternoon, I've watched Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing". It is quite an uneasy drama. Can we laugh at the riot which is happened by the reason which a Pizza store doesn't have black peoples' pictures on its wall? Is it too much or sensitive? I watch Twitter and feel that this "too much" feeling is also there. It can be called a mob mentality. I don't have such a mentality that allows the way of thinking like "He's an enemy, kill him". I believe that "the footsteps of pigeons" can change the world as Nietzsche says.

I've attended the "stop-drinking-alcohol" meeting. Once I believed that drinking beers in summertime must be the way of spending hot days cool. But when I drank beers a lot, I had too much frustration and thought that when this poor life ends and this hard time will last. For me, beers are the symbol of endless dark days. Now is good, and the things I'm doing now must be the hope of my future. I have hope... I thought like this.